Meet The Crew


Lindsay Mohr Curry & Sean Curry - The Founders

Leading a crew of energetic and creative gardeners who collaborate well, each bringing his or her unique work experience to the landscapes. We share our passion by creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces this is such an important part of the Nantucket experience and lifestyle, we personally are dedicated to each and every garden, no matter the size, shape or form - each one has such a significant meaning to us. We encourage our clients to experience the personalized services that allows you worry-free enjoy ment of your on-island leisure time.


The Mohr Gardenging Crew consists of 10-12 gardeners and landscapers each season. In teams of 2-3 gardeners, who consistently work on the same properties. Each team is supervised by one senior Mohr Gardening crew member.




Joined our crew in 2010, during her summer break from the University of Bulgaria. We appreciate Rosie's positive energy, her work ethic and unforgettable smile, all of which served her well when she was a member of the Bulgarian National Gymnastics Team.  Her attention to detail and her interest in pruning has helped her excel at perennial gardens and container maintenance.



senior cREW leader

Biliana Angelova, known by her crew-mates as BiBi, joined in 2013. Bibi was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria where she studied park construction at Sofia High School of Construction, Architecture and Geodesy - ''Hristo Botev." Bibi completed three years of study at the University of Forestry in Sofia, majoring in Wood Technology and Furniture Production. Bibi will be focusing on containers and window boxes.



vegetable garden guru

Anne joined in 2015 from the Green Mountains of Vermont where she is a student at UVM. Anne is applying her experience as an elite downhill ski racer to her major in athletic training.  This mountain girl has grown to love our island environment - the beaches and the moors -  and can be found exploring Nantucket on her beach cruiser when she is not at work in the garden. This summer, Anne will be taking on the responsibility of managing our clients' vegetable gardens; helping grow a variety of healthy, organic vegetables and fruits for our clients families.




Brooke worked on our crew for the last 9 years as our manager; specializing in vegetable gardens, floral design among some of our most beautiful weddings and decorating throughout the different holiday's with me, she's a wreath master! Brooke transitioned to an exciting new career in Interior Design, but we will always consider her to be our gardener emeritus.
Brooke will continue to use her artist's eye to help with wedding flowers and holiday decorating on a
part-time basis. 

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