The Curry Family

The Curry Family


The outdoors, where the Currys' hearts live. Passionate about hiking, biking, surfing, skiing and taking every opportunity to travel during down-time. Where the couple is always inspired by the beautiful places and plants around the world. This is when they rejuvenate for the next gardening season. Mohr Gardening invites you to allow them to bring the unbridled energy to your special Nantucket outdoor space.

Special news; the Curry family has grown and her name is Luna. Now sharing these amazing outdoor experiences with their daughter has brought so much joy and love. 

Lindsay Mohr Curry "The Flora Enthusiast"

Lindsay and Sean established Curry Caretaking and Mohr Gardening as stand-alone businesses in 2004, bringing professional gardening to Nantucket. Both are self-taught horticulturists. In fall of 2010, the two were married on Nantucket Island and the businesses were then merged to one "Mohr Gardening".

Lindsay and Sean value the relationship with each and every client and they take an active role in the management of every property. They are both deeply connected to the beauty of Nantucket’s landscape and they understand the unique maintenance challenges of the windswept climate.

Lindsay focuses on the plant arrangements the overall design, installation and maintenance of visually appealing garden spaces - working closely with each client to translate the idea into reality. Lindsay has an exceptional eye for color and texture, which is evident in the array of gardens she has created: perennial, cutting and herb beds as well as vegetable / fruit gardens to supplement the family table. Lindsay offers floral arranging services for your home, special occasions, events, celebrations and weddings.

Sean Curry "The Greenscape Enthusiast" 

Sean focuses on hardscapes, lawns, and hedges. His experience and attention to detail is the backbone for all of the Mohr Gardening landscapes. Always caring for your property with a meticulous eye.

Mohr Gardening clients range from those who are avid, hands-on gardeners who wish to collaborate actively with us in their landscapes, to those who prefer turn-key services so they can arrive at home and find nothing but a clean, beautiful restful environment.  We take pride in our effective communication with clients as well as the minimization of our staff’s intrusion during property maintenance.

Your plants and home are equally cared for, we respect your privacy.

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