I have a secret garden on my property in Nantucket that gives me great pleasure from early spring right through the fall. It is lush with perennial flowers a the height of the season and provides tranquil places for contemplation throughout the year. Without Lindsay Mohr's keen eye for design and tireless love for her work it would not be a secret worth keeping.

- Kathryn Kay

Wander along a lane or meander down a street and you are likely to see Lindsay Mohr's artistry and magic. A skilled landscape designer/gardener, Lindsay has created beauty and delight wherever she places her focus, spade or shovel. It hardly matters whether she is doing a project for the greater Nantucket community or for a private client such as myself... her work is eclectic and unforgettable. Lindsay's spirit is contagious, warm, embracing. Her talented staff, a battalion of women, are hard to miss and a pleasure with whom to interact. When a specific request is made of either Lindsay or her staff, it is completed promptly without a glitch. Furthermore, she has made her business client-friendly as pleasant to enact as watching the blossoming of her talent and labor. Not only was out property impeccably maintained, but the window boxes and containers which she designed for many years at our home in the historic district are simply extraordinary. While walking by the house at all hours of the day and evening, people would knock on our front door to inquire about them. As the boxes and containers matured, the colors of foliage became even more resplendent. Lindsay Mohr's creativity, aesthetic, use of color, texture and smell have created unsurpassed beauty. Heartful thanks, Lindsay.

- Bonnie L Watkins

How can we truly express our gratitude for the way you both have changed our "yard" into a haven that provides so much pleasure morning to night? Our garden provides the most beautiful bounty and sense of wonderment to all who enter, with vistas ever changing from day to day. The most astounding aspect of our garden is the way you both understand and have presented the incredible beauty of nature as it was intended, and not artificially manufactured, making the sense and experience of it so amazing. Thank you both for a great contribution that you have made to our home and to our island.

- Rick and Marie Wackenhut (The East Brick, Nantucket)

I was one of Lindsay and Sean’s first client. I was in the throws of establishing a new garden/landscape and Lindsay was great in helping me see my vision of an English cottage garden. That was close to 7 years ago and the garden is flourishing. Lindsay got me to think outside of my all white garden box and now I am completely addicted to dahlias and the beautiful color they bring to my garden right in to the fall. I have my catering business on my property so it can be hectic and not very restful in the height of the season, but as I walk thru the garden gate to our home I see myself decompressing at once.

Its especially true for my husband and daughter, as we all enjoy the garden that Sean and Lindsay have designed and maintain for our family. I think even the dogs appreciate it. (much to Sean’s chagrin) I highly recommend this hardworking couple and wish you the best results as we have watching our garden grow.

- Kendra Lockley (owner of simplywithstyle.com and year round Nantucket resident)


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